Friday, April 18, 2014

Bowties #361-370

I have been doing a little sewing – not much but a little.  As a byproduct of sewing, I finished 10 more bowties.  These are numbers 361-370.  I think I am about half way to a quilt.

0414 361-370

Last night was the Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild monthly sew-in and I took my Swoon quilt to work on.  I had to add one last inner border and then I put on the 2 1/2 inch square scrappy border.  That took most of the evening.  I did get the outside border cut – just another 2 1/2 of the background to finish it off.  I measured for the first two and need to get them sewn on.  I will then only need the last two borders.

I looked at my stash and have started pulling for the backing.  I have several cuts of Authentic that I plan to piece for the back.  I would love to get this ready to quilt sometime soon.


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  1. 360 is only half way?? you're nuts! but it'll look STUNNING...... can't wait to see the BIG reveal in 36 weeks then? so Christmas or next year?? LOL ;)


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