Monday, April 28, 2014


Chula had a little accident this morning and spent the day at the Vets. She broke her foot falling down the front steps. She usually waits patiently for one of us to pick her up but while Bill got the newspaper from the driveway she decided to go up to the door by herself. 

She not only has a splint but also has to wear the cone. Poor Chula!


  1. Poor, Chula. Get well soon.

  2. Poor little Chula.

  3. Poor little thing. She looks so sad. Chula and Bill make quite a pair. You better stay well, someone has to take care of the walking wounded around your house lately.

  4. Poor little soul and of course dogs and cats can do the pitiful look with a collar on, so well lol trust me she'll get the hang of both handicaps fast enough! Hope she mends soon bless her.
    My son and dil have a 14 wk old chiwowa and I had never known any previously but they are certainly a delightful breed.

  5. Pitiful, just pitiful. But the cone is really a good idea as she would be at that bandaged foot in no time. Good luck to you!


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