Monday, April 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday–April 14, 2014

Today on my design wall I have my Sisters Choice blocks.  There are only six blocks so far but I have several more kits ready to make several more. Bonnie Hunter shows her quilt without sashing but her backgrounds are much more calm – with black and whites, they are much busier and will need some calming down.  I am thinking of scrappy blacks and will have to think about cornerstones.


For some reason, there is a lot of red in these blocks but the next batch is more varied.  I am using green for the star points but anything goes for the nine patches.

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  1. Great blocks! I love the white/black background. It really makes the other colors stand out. (And I love the red!)

  2. Cute blocks! Nice scrappy B&W backgrounds. I like your idea of black print for the sashing. Maybe repeat the green in the cornerstones?

  3. Fun blocks. Way to go planned scrappy!

  4. Black print sashing would be great. Might want to try a white with black cornerstone, make it kind of look like a nine patch where the CS is. Just a thought.

  5. Love your blocks. Is this what we're doing in Vegas?

  6. The scrappy black sashing would make the blocks pop. I would sash the sides of each black and then long strips of sashing be tween the rows and skip the cornerstones.


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