Thursday, December 26, 2013


I received my SSCS gift and opened it yesterday.  Apparently there was a problem with my original gift but I had a package to open anyway.  It was wonderful.

1213 SSCS

Can you see the scissors.  They are kangaroo scissors!  The fabrics is from Australia also.  My gift was from Shari Jamieson and she says that another gift is still on the way.  I think this gift was enough.  Thank you again Shari.



  1. What a nice gift all the way from Australia, Melinda - and more to look forward to. I am still loving the quilt you sent as my SSCS gift a few years ago and it is much admired (and coveted!) by my friends.

  2. you sure will be more spoilt..............I have seen your parcel.....lovely extra goodies..............hopefully it will be there soon........thanks for being understanding..........


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