Friday, December 27, 2013

On the Needles–December 27, 2013

I have been working on socks.  I took a class earlier this month on making socks – toe up, two at a time, on Magic Loop and completed the first pair.  Not even close to perfect but I did learn a lot.  As soon as I finished the class, I cast on two more pair.  For the class we used size 4 needles (I knit very loose so used size 3) and somewhat thicker yarn.  I bought yarn to make two more pair of the same – just different colors.

At the same time, I had size 1 needles and regular sock yarn so I decided to cast on a pair.  I am getting ready to turn the heel on this pair. 


I am loving how they are turning out.  Nice bright colors and similar looks but not the same.  There are a lot more stitches on this pair than the first pair so the heels will take more time.  I am using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and it is really quite easy, once you have done it at least one time.

The other pair are only a couple of inches long at this point but go much faster with the larger needles and thicker yarn.

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  1. Love those bright colors.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Hoping to learn sock knitting this year!

  3. So, fish lips??? Is that like chicken lips? Anyway, I checked it out at Ravelry and purchased the directions. I love the way that heel adds to the overall design of the socks. Looking forward to seeing how your turn out!

  4. I went to an author talk at the Decatur Book Festival a couple of years ago called "knitting socks two at a time". I thought it was some sort of philosophical thing about living too fast, too busily, too mindlessly. Ha! Ha! Turned out it was actually about the very thing you have just described, and I found myself in a room full of knitters (some happily working away) speaking in a language I didn't know (I think your fish lips qualify). Since then I've done some loom knitting, even bought a sock loom, but there's no hope for me. Your socks are amazing and gorgeous!

  5. Your socks are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the tip on the Fish Lips heels - there's a lot there besides just learning a heel method, and for just $1 its a steal :*)

  6. OK, I love your socks and I've never heard of Fish Lips heels, so I guess that means I just have to check it out! And when Teresa said it was only $1, I'm sold. Your sock colors are fantastic.

  7. I am so impressed that you are doing two at a time, and toe up no less. These are two techniques I have yet to learn but maybe it is time to work on that. I don't think our yarn shop teacher does toe up but I have seen a couple of videos and recently one on two at a time. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. ;-)

  8. I love knitting socks on my DPN's, but did try the 2 at a time/toe up method - bought the book, bought the Addi Turbo needles, 2 balls of yarn... and gave it all to a good friend after multiple, frustrating attempts, LOL! She took to it like a duck in water and was thrilled - did almost every pattern in that book too. I think you did the right thing - take a class, work on slightly larger needles to "get" the method and then immediately caste on a 2nd pair while it is fresh in your mind! I may give it another try this summer - I really like how yours are turning out. Cheers! Evelyn


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