Friday, December 13, 2013

Magical Slice and Dice Class

Yesterday was the second/last session of the Magical Slice and Dice quilt.  We starched, pressed, cut, sewed, pressed, cut and sewed again and the quilts were magically on point and the centers were finished.  Then we moved on to getting the first border on so we could control the bias edges – mission accomplished.  They still need to add the outer borders but the end is in sight.

Here is Margaret and her quilt center.

1213 Margaret

1213 Margaret's Qult

Here is Patrick and his quilt.

1213 Patrick

1213 Patrick's Quilt

Just for reference, here are the starting fabrics.

1113 Margaret's Fabric

1113 Patrick's Fabric

What a lot of fun.  After class Patrick cut my hair so it was a very good day.



  1. is there a pattern for this quilt? I have some fabric that I think would work perfectly in a quilt like this? These are lovely.

  2. Amazing kaleidoscopes!


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