Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hexie Club Last Night

We had the first session of a hexie club last night.  The purpose of the club is to share our love of hexies (and other shapes) with like minded people.  We had six people attend, including me.

We started by sharing the projects that we are currently working on. I am still working on Hex on the Beach.  One of the women is working on two pink flowered hexie quilts using 3/4 inch hexagons.  They are being made at the same time and look to be almost half finished.  One was working on beautiful Patchwork of the Crosses blocks – beautiful.  Another had two finished quilt tops – one with large (maybe 3 inch) hexagons and the other with 3/4 inch ones.  There was also a cute purse being worked on.

Since I recently had the opportunity to review Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts, I cut circles and we all made one flower.

Everyone enjoyed playing with this new method and here are the results.

0613 Hexies from Circles

Mine is the bright yellow one.  I think I will attach it to a bag I use to carry my hexie project.  I don’t think I can stitch though the cover so I need to find glue that will work.

We had fun.  Next time we are going to play with Pieced Hexies – more fun.



  1. hexies are fun, I'm doing two - Patchwork of the Crosses and another I call Diamonds are Forever

  2. I wanna be in a he ie club....

    Marilyn (who is winning)


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