Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quilts From the Quilt Show–Part 2

Here are a few of the more realistic quilts that were shown.

I love this type of quilt but don’t think it is in me to make one.



  1. What a wonderful quilt presentation. These are unbelievable. I have many and love all I see, but never anything like these. Someone spent a lot of time and work to create these amazing quilts.

  2. We had to really look at the truck quilt and then read the story. Eric was certain she had made a mistake until we read that the truck was being towed. Really Funny. The two girls quilt I had seen from above and was already blown away by it even before I got up close.

  3. I love them all.....

  4. wow is all I can say........especially love the 2 girls........

  5. Wow! I'm glad Gari in AL explained about the truck being towed. I was seriously worried about those two cars on either side going the other direction. :-)


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