Friday, June 21, 2013


0613 Hexies from Swap

Here are my hexies from the HGTV swap.  I found this container at Joann’s yesterday!  Look at the wonderful colors.  Each color has six identical basted one inch hexies.  I think I will use black on white prints for the center of the flowers but can’t decide if I want to use a single print (black dots on white) or multiple black on white prints.

While at Joann’s, I finally found the punch I have been looking for.  They had several and I was tempted to buy a couple extra to share but decided on only one.

0613 Hexie Punch

On the back it says it punches 2 inch shapes.  They measure from point to point and I thought the sides would be 1 inch – Yea!  I punched one hexie and then measured it against one from Paper Pieces.  They are exactly the same size!!!!!!

0613 Hexie Punch with Paper Pieces Hexie

I am excited!  Something good to use all those pesky inserts from magazines.



  1. I looked for the punch at my Joann's they didn't have it. I'll have to look again. Great idea to use the magazine inserts.

  2. I will have to go look for this.

  3. I bought it two weeks ago and love it!! I was so glad that they were exactly the same size. No more cutting out hexies with scissors!!

  4. Hey all you Cricut owners -- another thought for your hexagons -- Hexagons and Octagons are available in several cartridges. Hexagons are in Basic font and shapes as well as Quiet. You can cut out the sizes you desire without having to have an Accufil. Note Hexagons are not on George and Basic Shapes only hexagons. Also, the craft room now has some digital cartridges that allow you to connect your computer to your cricut to cut out rather than having so many physical machines. This is free software to allow you to design with; but digital cartridges are fee based as are the physical cartridges. Nanasneedles (aka HRWalker)

  5. I ordered a punch from MSQC and it said 1" but of course it makes only tiny hexagons!
    Now what, they don't have the 2" size and I am stuck with the wrong one.

  6. Can anyone tell me if this will cut fabric or batting? Or is it just for paper templates?


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