Thursday, June 06, 2013

Getting Ready for the Quilt Show

I completed the quilting on Winter Wonderland yesterday and put the binding on the front.  I finished up the binding this morning and now just have the sleeve to put on.  Almost ready for turn-in on Sunday.

I wish I could remember how old this quilt is.  I am guessing at about 7 years from start to finish!  I plan to hang it on the wall during the holiday season and maybe beyond since it really isn’t a Christmas Quilt.  I will get better photos of it at the quilt show.  As is my usual, it is heavily quilted.

On to the sleeves.  I made them all so it is time to start sewing them on and then finding pillowcases for each of the three.



  1. I love that quilt. I just traced it out to start stitching. I like the blue but I'm going to stick with the red. Don't know why as I have other blue-work quilts that this would go with.

  2. oh my heart be still! sigh..... I have all the embroidery done and all the blocks done. just need to put it together. I just love this quilt. I have seen it in green, purple, red and blue. Mine is blue too! everyone of them is beautiful!!!! thanks for sharing....

  3. love that quilt. beautiful!

  4. I have loved seeing this quilt pop up in your blog over the last few years. I have several blue and white quilts that my grandmother made many years ago. My favorite combination. Beautiful.

  5. what a pretty quilt - almost delicate looking in a way with the embroidery

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I like snowmen because you can display them from Dec. 1 until Feb. 14 - or that is how I use them in our house. You have made some beautiful quilts.

  7. Love love love this quilt, so nice it's in blue!


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