Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ice Cream

Since it is now summer, thoughts turn to ice cream – homemade ice cream.  We have a ice cream maker that is like the old-fashioned ones using ice and salt.  I decided we needed to get a smaller one, that you put the container in the freezer and make it that way.  The large one is fun, but quite a production and we always make far to much for the two of us.

Here is the first batch out of the new ice cream freezer.

We used the recipe that came with the freezer.  I have always used a custard type with eggs but this one used cream and milk (and sugar, of course) instead.  I don’t think it was quite as good.  I found an Alton Brown recipe that I think I will use next.

I got started on the third row of the beginning sampler last night.  It was too stormy to quilt.  I hope to finish it later today and will post an updated photo then.



  1. I have a *wonderful* recipe for cheesecake ice cream if you're interested! I also like to make chocolate but substitute mint extract for the vanilla extract, which makes it light and refreshing.

  2. Oh yum, way too yum...check out the cake recipe on my blog (second last post) would be mega yum with a big dollop of that ice cream on top :)
    Karen x

  3. Hang on, I will be right over!!

  4. Yum Yum Yum - we are on our way with the hot fudge!!!


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