Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday–April 18, 2011

My design wall has finally changed.  I decided on the inner border for the curvy road quilt.  It is a very bright yellow stripe and I think it will be great.  The photo is on my cutting table.

Here is my actual design wall or I guess I should say design walls.

Along the top of the walls are the Saturday Sampler blocks waiting for their friends to join them.  The church block goes with the black houses, the blocks next to it are from my bee and there will be a total of eleven of them.  I have received four so far.  Down in the left corner are the leader/ender blocks.

I am continuing to work on past Saturday Sampler blocks but have a few other things to work on so might not make much progress on them this week.

For more design walls go to Judy L’s blog.



  1. I love a varied and busy design many great projects on the go!

  2. Love all these different blocks/projects! We just CAN'T have only one going at a time, can we? LOL

  3. That yellow stripe is wonderful. It's going to really add some sparkle to that B/W quilt.

  4. Perfect, that touch of yellow will make the whole quilt sing! You've been busy, way to go!

  5. Melinda - that yellow is perfection!

  6. I really do like that yellow - and am envious of all your design wall space - so many different projects going at one time, and the ability to see them all ! Can't wait to see them finished !


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