Friday, April 01, 2011

Quilt Market

I am going to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City next month!  My sister Robin is going to have a booth there to introduce her patterns to the world and I am going to help her.  She is busy getting ready and sent me fabric to make an apron to wear while we work.

If you check out Robin’s blog, you will see that this is the same fabric she is making her logo quilt out of.  I am going to make another “My Neighbors Apron” and she is going to make a different apron based on Esther’s apron.  Esther was a good friend of our mother and made the most wonderful old fashioned aprons.  Both Robin and I have a few of them made by Esther.

I don’t think I posted a photo of my Shop Hop apron.  It is wonderful to wear at the shop.  The pockets are so handy and we all love the Georgia fabric.

Speaking of Georgia fabric – here is a pillowcase I made from it.

It is going as a gift to someone the shop does a lot of business with.  Maetha asked me to make it for her to give and I am always happy to make a pillowcase.


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