Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lynda and I went to Stitch yesterday.  It is a fiber/knitting expo that was held here in Cobb County.  While we both can  knit, neither of us consider ourselves expert knitters, perhaps not even intermediate knitters but we are enthusiastic at least.

After visiting all of the vendors, we went back and each bought the same two kits.  Last time we did this was about 5 years ago and neither of us has finished that project either.  Did I also say we are optimistic or perhaps simply deluded.

First is a shrug/hug called A Big Hug & Kiss.  The front of it is a moebius and there is a hood.  The yarn is beautiful.

The second is a shawl.  I got a dark gray and Lynda found a lighter gray.  We decided to go get square needles to make our project but they were out of the correct size circulars.  We also saw some beautiful glass needles.


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  1. Lovely to see someone else call it a "shrug". My Aunt used to make me crocheted ones and oh how I loved them. My Aunty passed away over 30 years ago and sadly I never did learn how to crochet but she did pass on her love of sewing to me. Thanks for stirring lovely memories - amazing how one word can take you back to times long gone. Looking forward to seeing your finished hooded shrug!


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