Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pillowcase Class

I had two students in the Pillowcase Class this morning.  The first thing I do in class is make a pillowcase as a demonstration.  Since Bill has a sock monkey collection, I decided to make him sock monkey pillowcases.

Each of the two students finished up two pillowcases.  Here are the first ones.

And the second ones.

After class I came home and worked on sourdough bread.  I bought sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour and this was the first time I actually was making something with it.  I was excited because the evening class had been cancelled since no one signed up.  I was ready for an evening in, having dinner with Bill and getting some quilting done. 

At 5:50, I got a call from the shop saying two students were there.  What!! They didn’t sign up for the class, they just showed up!  Of course, I had to go and teach again.  So much for the nice dinner.  I told Bill when to put the bread in the oven, grabbed a couple of chicken tenders that he was finished cooking and off I went.

If I had known I was going to teach again this evening, I wouldn’t have made both of the sock monkey pillowcases this morning.  Since I had to make another one tonight I made a Halloween one for Emilio.

One of the students liked the Halloween fabrics so she made two Halloween ones of her own.

1009 Halloween 1 1009 Halloween 2 1009 Halloween Folded

The other student made a football one and then a floral one.

1009 Football 1009 Football Folded 1009 Floral

When I got home, we had sourdough bread and it was great!  I made two loaves so we will have more for sandwiches and toast.  Yummy!



  1. Have you heard insights on how much pillowcases are appreciated in American Samoa, for the tsunami victims? If you are interested you, might want to check out a blogsite from an American quilter living in American Samoa:


  2. Love all your pillowcases. How'd the sourdough bread turn out? Did you order the started on-line?


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