Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kit from the Pizza Girls

Here is the reason they are called the Pizza Girls – the way they package their kits.  This kit has everything for the top of the quilt.  The pattern is from Miss Rosie and is called High Cotton.  The cover of the pattern is a beautiful soft quilt but the kit is BLACK and WHITE with a few BRIGHT accents. 

Don’t you love the binding fabric on the back of the package with the pattern?  That stripe will look great as bias binding.  I don’t usually do bias but love the way stripes look when done bias so this quilt will certainly have bias binding.

I know this is a ongoing controversy in quiltland – do you do all your bindings with bias?  My friends that like bias binding wouldn’t ever use straight binding.  I think it is kind of like whether you wash fabric or not.  By the way, I am a non-washer.



  1. What a clever packaging idea! As for binding, I only use bias when I need the effect from the fabric print or the quilt has curvy edges (meaning never). As for pre-washing, I only do it because I am sensitive to the formaldehyde in the finish. If not for that, I wouldn't bother.

  2. That is cute!

    Nother non-washer.

    I have never used bias binding - but I buy diagonal striped prints because I love the effect.

    I usually (as in 99% of the time) pay my long armer to attach my bindings, so I am forever grateful to be at their mercy when it comes to straight or bias bindings.

  3. That's different and very effective!!!


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