Sunday, October 18, 2009

Needlework Bag

I started making a needlework bag about 4 years ago.  It is from a Pat Sloan pattern called, of course, Needlework Bag.  I bought it as a kit from Pat and started on the applique front right away.  I got it about half done and then somehow it got put aside and I found it again about a year ago.  I finished the applique and put it in a plastic container with the pattern an other supplies.  Somehow, I never got around to finishing it.

On Thursday morning, I decided to finish it and it only took about an hour to put the bag together.  I made the pockets, put on the velcro and ribbons and stitched it all together.  I still had some handwork to do but it was basically done.  Yesterday after work, I did the handwork.  I put the felt hearts on the pockets, whipped up the opening on the side, added snaps to some of the pockets, put another snap on the ribbon that holds a pair of scissors and sewed on the button.  It turned out great.

Here it is rolled up, ready to travel.  It just needs a project in it.

Here is the front of the bag, with the applique.

The back of the bag, with a pocket and scissors attached to the edge of the pocket with ribbon.

The last photo is of the bag opened up.

The hearts are of felt and put on with buttonhole/blanket stitch.  They are to put your needles on.  All in all, a very successful project and one that should only take a short time, not 4+ years.



  1. Melinda it is just adorable.

  2. Another same but different. I have one of these.


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