Thursday, October 01, 2009

Finished Beginner Quilts

Perhaps that should say almost finished quilts.  They all still need the last border added.

Yesterday was the last classes for the Beginning Machine Piecing group.  Two people were unable to be at the last class but the ones who did show up have beautiful almost quilts.  They all got the inner borders done and know how to add the last border.

Here they are with their quilts.  For some reason I didn’t get a photo of Angela with her quilt but at least I did get her quilt top laid out on the table.


I love each and every one of them – the quilts and the quilters.



  1. I love seeing your beginner project, I might want to do something similar with our group, we have such a wide range of abitilty that this might be the time to get back to basics. the more advanced can help the newbies and we can all end up with tops from the process. cw

  2. You are a wonderful teacher...


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