Sunday, October 04, 2009

Beautiful Basket Quilt

The major project I finished this is last week was completing the quilting on Diane’s beautiful basket quilt.  This was a Saturday Sampler project from a couple of years ago at Tiny Stitches.  You got a block once a month and at the end of the year had 12 completed blocks ready to make into a quilt.  There was a finishing kit offered and I believe that Diane used that to complete her quilt.  With the extra setting squares, it turned into a large quilt with only 12 pieced baskets.

It is one of the nicest two color quilts I have worked on.  As you can see, I did two different background fills in alternate basket blocks.  I feathered the plain blocks and the border – also the sashing.  I like how it turned out.



  1. Beautiful- I love two color quilts! cw

  2. Wonderful quilt and great quilting!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Lovely quilt - I remember those red "toiles" fondly. I really like that this is a 12 block quilt tha tis large, but the solid red gives it that "something."

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I love the quilting.

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Your quilting is lovely!

  7. This quilt is beautiful and your quilting on it just makes it fabulous!!


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