Friday, October 30, 2009

Blooming Nine Patch

Thursday was the day to put the blooming nine patch quilts together.  Helen had done all her homework and we were able to lay out her quilt on flannel backed tablecloths so she could take it home and finish putting it together.

I like how it blooms.  She wanted a yellow to purple quilt and she got it.

DJ didn’t have all her nine patches made but she came and worked on them.  Her quilt is going to be beautiful too.



  1. I want to make a blooming nine patch. I have too many things going right now, but I hope next year to get one made.

  2. hi, i am a beginer quilter and have made a blooming nine patch quilt top. I don't know what type of quilting will work on it, whether stitch in the ditch or echo? Please help, thanks


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