Monday, March 12, 2007

First UFO

Here are all the blocks I found from the first quilt that I talked about yesterday. There are six that are completely finished and the Dresden plate that is not sewn down to the background - it also needs a center circle applied.

Since 7 is a number that does not easily fit into a quilt, I think I will not use the unfinished one but will try to put the other four into a small charity quilt. Along with the blocks, I found a lot of the fabric from making them. It looks like I have a couple of yards of each - can't imagine why I bought so much.

They are all hand pieced or appliqued and better made than I remember. If I eliminate the one block, I will have 3 with pink background and 3 with green background. I can sash them and make it into a small child's quilt that someone will love.

I will add them to my unfortunately large list of UFO's but I feel better about them than I have for years. It was still a miserable experience in the class and I really don't like the fabrics but at least it can turn into a FO at some time.


  1. I agree with your comments about the colors. I like pink and green, but not those fabrics. You did learn a valuable skill - hand piecing. The blocks do look good. Great job ont he hand piecing.

  2. Melinda, I love the colors... they match my bedroom.

  3. Nice work and nice colors! However, if those blocks weigh you down because of a miserable experience, don't let them/the experience haunt you - pass them on to someone who will make a charity quilt (and then buy other pinks and greens that will fill that void! :>)

  4. I was expecting ugly but these blocks will look just fine when you put them together. Not nearly as ugly as the UFO I showed on my blog the other day!

  5. I think everything looks great! If you decide to send me the block with the circle and hearts that would be ok! LOL! Nice work!

  6. How about sewing them into a table runner......that way you don't have to make anymore!

  7. Hi Melinda! I think your blocks are cute, and they will make a great little charity quilt!
    I really like the circle one~

  8. Your blocks look great, sometimes our taste in colour changes over time, mine sure does. This will make a fantastic quilt when done.


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