Thursday, March 01, 2007

Greater Atlanta Shop Hop

Well, we survived the first of four days of shop hop. It was a terrible weather day here in the Atlanta area, with rain, thunder and a tornado watch but it didn't keep the dedicated hoppers from coming out. I was amazed at how many people showed up, in absolute downpours.

We worked late last night and completely changed the look of the shop, hanging all new quilts and putting out kits for all of them. The theme of the shop hop is "Springtime in Georgia" so we have flowers and spring all over the shop. It really looks great and the customers seemed to enjoy it.

We have three more days and are expected to have good weather so it should be busy again tomorrow.


  1. I want a shop hop in my area! Boo, hoo, waaaa. I used to work in a quilt store in Vermont. I loved working there. Mind you they made more money from me than I did from them! lol It was one of those fun jobs that you do only because you like it. I came to a point where it was either quilt or work, so I chose quilting on my weekends. A year later the shop closed. Too bad, it was a nice place to shop. Have fun!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind comments.


  3. The last shop hop I did (with Liz & Marianne when I was editor of Love of Quilting) was in Atlanta area and we visited Tiny Stitches. I've been there one other time, too, but now it's time to come back. I love the shop. It's one of my favorites (maybe my very favorite).

  4. I didn't do the shop hop this year. I worked on a "Wicked Easy" quilt top instead. How did the shop hop turn out. Were you real busy?


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