Sunday, March 04, 2007

Favorite Quilting Tool

Swooze suggested we talk about our favorite quilting tool. I have many - I love my Roxanne thimble, my rotary cutter and my many, many rulers but I think my favorite - or at least my most frequently used - is a simple roll of blue painters tape.

I use it with my longarm to mark the beginning and end of pantos. I have it on my sewing machine where I have it marked so that I can do 1/2 square triangles without marking them.

I keep it in my travel kit so that I can mark 1/4 inch seams for my students. I am currently teaching a jacket that requires 1/2 inch seams so I mark their machines for that.

I have been looking at the tags that are sold to mark blocks, rows, pressing direction and I have realized that I can use a small piece of tape and a sharpie (one of my other favorite things) to mark them. I can use the money to buy other tools or fabric instead.

I really love blue tape!


  1. Great ideas!

    I am running out of space for my
    'stuff' so I try to think of double duty for what I have. This is what I do for marking rows.

    I put one pin in Row 1, and point it to the right (meaning press to the right)
    Row 2 = 2 pins, pointing to the left, etc.

    I have gotten myself in BIG trouble with a Sharpie -- picking it up instead of my blue marking pen, so I disallow that item anywhere close to me!

  2. Does that tape leave any residue? I will have to think about this one! I used that 1/4" drafting tape but it leaves a mess.

  3. Great tool. It's amazing the items we use in quilting that aren't normal "quilting" tools. I love getting double duty out of stuff.


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