Thursday, March 22, 2007


The Stashbuster topic of the week is about sewing machines. I have many but thought I would take a few pictures of my favorite - my Gammill longarm.

I have had my Gammill since late 2001 and still love her as much as I did when I bought her. Actually, I like her a lot more now that I have more experience and am better at quilting with her.

Here is part of my thread collection for the longarm. I need to have more room for more thread - it seems that I am always wanting a different color that what I have.

I do a lot of custom quilting but like to do pantos also. Here is my panto storage. It is actually two shoe storage units stacked on top of each other. I number each panto according to the storage bin number and have a excel spreadsheet that lists them alphabetically, by bin number and by type. So far, it seems to be a good way of keeping them in order.

My regular sewing machine is a Pfaff 2144 that has been upgraded to a 2170. I love this machine. I also have a 2030, a 4870 serger and a Janome Gem Gold that lives in my car trunk - ready to sew anytime, anywhere.

I also have 2 treadle machines that I use as end tables, a Viking 1+ that I hate and a little blue Kenmore machine. I hate to admit that I am lusting after an embellisher but haven't given in and bought one yet. I think I will take the little blue to my daughter's house when I go next week. I need a good machine in my room there and since I don't use it here, that is probably a good place for it to live.


  1. Do you quilt for others? Got a maple leaf panto by any chance?

  2. That's quite a collection of machines. It seems you have one for every place and every need.


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