Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Wacky Devine Nine

One of the projects many people worked on during retreat was the Wacky Devine Nine that we started during sew-in on Tuesday. Here are pictures of 3 more finished tops that just need borders. This is another bright cheerful quilt.

This one started with 12 FQ instead of 9 and made therefore made 12 blocks instead of 9. The colors are still well distributed throughout the top.

This last one is full of soft colors.

We had a busy day at the quilt shop today with our Super Bowl sale. Lots and lots of quilters finding bargins. After the sale, I was given some of the children's type of fabrics to take to the guild to use for our charity projects. The fabric will be put to very good use making quilts to donate to various organizations we try to help. The trunk of my little car is full of bolts!


  1. Those wacky devine nine quilts are great! Sounds like you had a lot of fun on the retreat. The retreat quilts are gorgeous.

  2. Hello Melinda - what fun I had today finding and reading your blog! I'm adding you to my Bloglines. Your projects are wonderful. I especially like the nine-devine, or devine nine (oh you know what I mean ...!)

    Come by and visit me any time. I started blogging last August and haven't come up for air since -- what fun!

  3. Thanks for the advise on Postcards, I had no idea these were mailed so frequently.

    Your quilts are look lovely.


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