Monday, February 12, 2007

More Purses from Class

Here is a purse made from bright fabrics. It is lined with lime green!

This one is a tote bag. She used a mola on the front of it and hand quilted both the front and back.

Here is a batik bag that really turned out great.

I have been teaching bags for quite a while at Tiny Stitches - usually concentrating on one pattern for all of the students. I have started something new called Choose Your Own Bag. Each student can pick a pattern and I will help them make the bag they choose. I limit the number of students to 5 and I have time to help each of them.

This has worked out well so I also teach a Choose Your Own Jacket class. Same concept, only jackets.

On Wednesday I am teaching pajama pants - that will be a fun class. For some reason I seem to get elected to teach the non-quilt classes. During this quarter I am teaching the pajama pants, jackets, purses, postcards and one quilt - the Wacky Devine Nine.

I have pieced most of the turquoise and brown quilt and should be able to finish the top tomorrow or Wednesday. It is turning out great!


  1. These purses are awesome! The choices of fabric by the makers are really fun. Making the mola into a purse is a great idea!

  2. I've never really been interesting in making bags but these are really cute.

  3. What wonderful purses! I like them all.


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