Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round Robin Quilts

I last posted about about my guild meeting where we showed off round robin quilts. Here are photos of my quilt that I took to the meeting.

This on is my Kimono Lady Quilt. I started with the center two ladies. I adapted them from a pattern for a tote bag. The last border is truly wonderful. The bamboo is all hand appliqued on the sides, then cherry blossoms along the top and bottom borders, complete with 3D blossoms. She also drew a beautiful woman at the center of the top border.

This one is not quilted. In fact, I had completely forgotten about it and only vaguely remember doing it - it was several years ago. I am not much of a fall colors person and this is actually a nice quilt. I will get a back organized for it soon and put it in the stack to be quilted.

This wonderful quilt is from a row robin that I was in. I started with the BOO row on the top and the rest of the group did great things with it. The second row is hand appliqued trick or treaters, followed by ghosts, witches and gravestones. Next is the word Halloween in wonderful fabrics followed by another row of ghosts and friends. The next row is witches and then pumpkins with black cats. Lastly there is a row of candy corn.

I love this quilt.

This is the last quilt I showed. I started with a redwork center, which is shown below.

I fell in love with the design - A cat, shopping for fabric, at the sewing machine, quilting and of course, on the computer.

This was another fun round robin, with borders that were added by each person and enhanced the quilt. I almost took the last border off because I didn't feet that it really fit but decided to leave it on. I still don't think it really fits, but the quilt is done and that is that.

I finished the turquoise and brown quilt this morning and quilted it this afternoon. I will get the binding sewn on by machine in the morning and hopefully sew the binding by hand tomorrow night so I can take it to the quilt shop.


  1. Those are really nice. You seem to have lots of success with round robins. I've never participated in one and have heard so many horror stories. They are a wonderful reminder of the people you are associated with. Keep well!

  2. I just posted a Row x Row (Round Robin you call it) and thought you might want to see mine, after I saw yours. I just love this style! Great job.

    You have a lot of clever projects. I enjoyed my visit.


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