Tuesday, February 13, 2007

String Block Swap and Guild Meeting

I swapped out the string blocks for our January Swap. There were 11 swappers, each making 6 blocks. Also, 5 of them made a red, white and blue block for a QOV quilt. All the blocks look great and will be on their way to their new owners tomorrow.

We had our monthly guild meeting today. The topic was Round Robin Quilts. I took 4 of mine and several other showed their quilts. I will try to take a photo of the ones I shared tomorrow when there is better light.

Our guild meeting is so much fun. We have show and tell which is always interesting and at our monthly business meeting, we have a potluck lunch. I saw Bobby Flay make Chocolate Banana Pudding on the food network last week and so decided to make my version of it. Everyone that tried it seemed to enjoy it.

We actually meet every week but the other weeks are more like sew-ins. We are doing a block of the month, a roosting round robin and dedicate one full day a quarter to community service. Our next community service project is making cool-ties for the troops in Iraq.


  1. Chocolate naner pudding? Oh what could be wrong with that combination!?

    I think I may have been sucked into doing a row robin--after some of the bloggers threatened to duct tape me to the chair if I did something like this again after listening to me bellyaching about one I did this past year.

  2. Those are some cool string blocks. I like the way your guild works. So many times to get together for working together. I bet you really like the time with other quilters.

  3. Popping in to say Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Just leaving my comment so you know I came by. I also, LOVE Quilt Guild Day - the hightlight of the month, and how we ALL love Show and Tell. I've never done a Round Robin, but HAVE done the Row x Row, which is similar, with the rotation thing.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Hey there Melinda - I love your hand bags you have been working on. They look great!

    That is neat that your guild did a string block swap. Aren't those so fun to sort thru! I hosted a string blcok swap last year on the HGTV boards - only I did 4 color catagories and had over 170 sets of 12 to distribute among the 22 swappers.

    It was so fun! :) and now ever so often one of the participants will post a photo of their quilt they made with their swap blocks.

    No one warned me that strings were so addictive and that there was NO Cure!

    Happy Valentines Day! ~Bonnie

  6. I love the string blocks - you mentioned a second guild before and since I know you're not talking about ECQG - which guild is this?

  7. Wow - you are so prolific! What a busy seamstress you must be. I love the purses, the string blocks and the wacky 9 patches!

  8. all the string blocks look great. I'm sure they will look good sewn together into quilts.


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