Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Easy Street Progress–First Two Blocks

I had to work at the quilt shop yesterday so no sewing until evening.  I finished up the setting triangles and started on the blocks.  I put one of each together and am taking a break to go out to breakfast with Bill.

Here is what I have so far!

I am really liking it.  I love how the gray squares set everything else off.  How clever of Bonnie to have us use the gray as a constant.

I hope to get more blocks done today, along with getting some sewn together. 



  1. Oh, Melinda, that looks so cool. After our two day, 600 mile trip I am a little slow in getting going but I have turned on the heat in the studio so soon I will be playing with those parts myself. Yea!

  2. Good job on your blocks! We were using yesterday to organize, so I can hardly wait to get to stitching!

  3. Love the colors and you are right about the gray.

  4. great to see your blocks...i've changed the colors a bit, my "gray" is a gray-purple and my black on white is colors on white...i mark my fabrics on the selvage as to where i bought it and when...a bunch of my fabrics came from tiny stitches!! i'm halfway through block A on step 8...any thoughts yet as to what you will do for the back? i'm saving all the crumbs...back to it..


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