Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ricky Tims Seminar

I spent the last three days at the Ricky Tims Seminar.  I didn’t take my laptop, just my iPad but it didn’t really matter because the internet was non existent at the hotel.  My last few posts were from my iPhone and short because it is hard to type much on it.  Now that I am home, I thought I would post a few more photos.

0113 Caveman style

This one is what Ricky calls Caveman style – I think I would like to try a small of of these.

Next are a few Convergence quilts.  I know I want one of these.

0113 Convergence 1

0113 Convergence 3

0113 Convergence 4

0113 Convergnece 2

I also liked this one with all the half square triangles.

0113 square and half square triangles

I think this was made by Alex Anderson but can’t see the label.

Lots of inspiration and lots of ideas for projects.  It was a fun time.


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