Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Swoon Block

Today is Allatoona Quilt Guild day and I am taking this Swoon block to turn in.  I have Krispy Kreme bread pudding in the oven to take for the potluck lunch.

It is the first one I have made and I love it!  For our retreat in March, Swoon is going to be the featured quilt.  There will be a Swoon Quilt there (this is one of the blocks) to give everyone inspiration.  It will be given away at the end of the retreat – I hope I win.

The Tiny Stitches retreat starts on Friday so I will be heading to the mountains Thursday afternoon.  I still have to cut my mystery quilt out (we have homework to do before we go) and finalize the small projects I am teaching.  On top of that, my beginning machine piecing class starts tomorrow!  Oh my!



  1. Sounds like you're staying nice and busy but definitely a good busy. Love your Swoon block. It will make a great quilt.

  2. Swoons are addictive! I made 5 swoon blocks in three different sizes 24", 12", and 8" before I even made a quilt. Then sister got engaged and she go the quilt. I only have one block for mine and all the fabric picked and sitting for almost a year now. Good luck!

  3. Oh Melinda, this is marvelous! I love it in the black and reds. :)


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