Sunday, June 27, 2010

Susan Cleveland at Guild

I mentioned that Susan Cleveland was our guest speaker/teacher at guild last Friday so thought I would show some of her projects.  I didn’t get many good photos of her quilts.  The people who were assisting her didn’t hold the quilts still long enough to get photos.  After the program the quilts were on table so I was able to get some photos.

While Susan is known for her binding techniques with piping, she also loves prairie points and uses them on lots of her projects.  One of the other things she does is make quilts that are not squares of rectangles.  A lot of them have uneven edges.

She was a wonderful speaker and would highly recommend her to any guild.  We have been so lucky this year with wonderful speakers.


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  1. Lucky you!! I just love her quilts and projects. I have seen her only on "quilting TV" and love her techniques.


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