Sunday, June 06, 2010

Embroidery Quilt Swap Received

I received my embroidery quilt swap package all the way from Sheila in Australia.  In addition to this wonderful little quilt, I received an apron with a map of Australia on it.

Here is the quilt

and here is the apron

I have been looking for a hat rack to put in the kitchen to hold aprons.  Hopefully I can find one soon as this quilt will look great hanging on it.  I really love both the quilt and the apron.

Thank you Sheila!



  1. Those are so cute. Don't you wish we had Georgia aprons like that? The little quilt is really adorable. Karmen

  2. You lucky girl. Both really fun.

  3. lol so glad they arrived safely. I did feel a little intimidated when I found you as my swap partner, and read your blog. lol.

  4. I put a wooden tri fold screen in the kitchen and I hang my aprons on is pretty cute....


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