Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Piecemakers Block Swap

Besides the excitement of making the donations quilts and giving Nancy her quilt.  We did our yearly block exchange.

First, here is the stack of blocks ready to be swapped. We had 12 people participate this year.

Each person was able to ask for two colors to be used in their blocks and one color to stay away from. Here are the blocks being sorted.

After sorting, each of us laid out our blocks for everyone to admire.  Each of these first six block sets said that anything goes and didn’t specify any preferences.


Yellow blocks

Green – these are folded in half because Jan is planning on making trees out of hers

Red, white and blue



and my black and white

Now our challenge is to make something from these blocks by our Christmas celebration in early December.

Besides the block exchange, making the donation quilt and giving Nancy her quilt, we had a potluck lunch.  I made three types of tea sandwiches – egg salad, smoked salmon with cream cheese and finally cucumber.  There were all other kinds of wonderful dishes to share.  None of us went hungry.



  1. How fun! I sometimes wish I had people near by who shared my love of quilting....but with the web, I get so see what everyone is up to and I have joined in swaps and such online as well. Now, my problem, getting them made up into something!

  2. I want to be part of your Piecemakers group!!
    Green with jealousy :)
    Fantastic blocks!


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