Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quilt Block for Acworth GA

The Allatoona guild meets in Acworth GA.  We are fortunately able to meet in a old school building run by the Parks and Recreation department.  We meet every week and appreciate everything that the city does for us.  In return, we try to support them whenever we can.  We provide quilts for the Police Department to use for children, we make small gifts for the senior citizen group.  Now we have a unique opportunity to support the city in their quest to be selected for the 2010 award of All-American City.

One of the things that each city is asked to do is provide a quilt block to the organization.  The blocks are made into a quilt by the All-American selection group.  Of course, they came to us to make the block.

Here is what the small group that volunteered to make the block came up with.

Acworth is also celebrating 150 years of existence.  I think this block is very representative of the city.  Most of the block is appliquéd but all the letters are embroidered. The names in the upper part are the four major programs that the city is concentrating on.

The city management is going to Kansas City this week for the announcement of the winner.   I hope it is Acworth but even if they don’t win, it is truly an All-American city and we are lucky to be part of it.


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