Friday, June 11, 2010

Customer Quilt – I Believe In…

I finished this quilt this afternoon.  It belongs to one of the women I work with at Tiny Stitches.  She is teaching our Embroidery Club tomorrow and I am taking it to her.  I hope she likes it.

Isn’t it a wonderful quilt?



  1. she will love it.

  2. I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting one of these for ever now! Except I want mine to say Love, Hope, Peace, Family, GOD, Friends, Miracles, Dreams, Angels, Laughter, Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Prayer, and Forgiveness! I know I'm not asking for much but I want it to go on my king size bed! I love your work BTW! I'll stop rambling and let you get busy now!

  3. She will be blown away by it, it is really stunning.

  4. stunned ..........A Christmas Quilt, and I love it. Tell me is it a pattern, a panel or did she make it up. Fabulous.


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