Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lucky Michele – Crazy Quilt Blocks from 1885 part 1

Yesterday at the quilt shop, Michele came in to cover for lunch.  The day before, a lady had come by the shop and asked if anyone there appreciated old quilt blocks.  She had a box of blocks that she wanted to go to someone who would enjoy having them.  Michele is our resident lover of old quilts and blocks so Barb accepted them and set them aside for Michele.

You can’t believe what was in the box.  Sixteen crazy quilt blocks from 1885!  Apparently they were friendship blocks because each appears to be made by a different person.  Most have initials on them and one has a name embroidered on.  Two are dated with the year 1885.

Here are the first eight blocks that I took photos of.


It is amazing that all the fabrics seem to be in good condition.  Usually with blocks this old, the silks have damage.

I will do another post soon to show the rest of the blocks.  Didn’t want to overload this one post with too many photos. Be sure to click on the photos so you can see the enlarged view.


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  1. what a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to see them made into a quilt.


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