Monday, June 07, 2010

Saturday Sampler

At Tiny Stitches we have a Saturday Sampler program going all the time.  We start two in January and two more in June.  It is time for the finished June-May quilts to be displayed and finishing kits offered to customers.  This time, Joyce and Karen outdid themselves on the completed quilts.

Here is the one we called Summer Romance – Joyce completed it.

This one is called Dots and Dashes and Karen completed it.  She also quilted Summer Romance.

The Summer Romance blocks were challenging for many of our customers.  Each one is a Bear’s Paw but all different.  Lots and lots of pieces in each month’s block but we had over 100 brave souls that made each block.

The new blocks to replace these are called Green Tea which is brown and green batiks and Floral Fantasy out of bright cheerful floral fabrics.  Busy, busy time at the quilt shop.


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