Friday, August 21, 2015

Bowties–Numbers 526-550

While working on other projects (in the middle of the night as I am going through a period of not sleeping well) I have been making bowties as leaders/enders.  I am on the downhill slope as I need about 900 and I now have 550 – plus about 7 more on the design board.  I only count them when I have 25 on the board, then I put them in a baggie and they join their friends waiting.

0815 526-550

I am starting to think about how to put them together someday. At this point I am considering making 9 patches with all the bowties going the same direction.  I think I would be able to then play with the design without having so many little pieces.


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  1. Oh wow, you are STILL working on these! they look great, wonder how the orange one will look with the others, it might stick out, unless you have several matching blocks like that, but love all the variety of them all.


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