Friday, June 26, 2015

Pieced Hexies

We made Pieced Hexies with Mickey Dupre yesterday.  None of mine are finished yet and I was not happy with the fabrics I used but I had a great time anyway.  Here are some photos of her work.  This Pieced Hexie is called Jazzy.

0615 Pieced Hexie 1

0615 Pieced Hexie 6

0615 Pieced Hexie 2

0615 Pieced Hexie 3

0615 Pieced Hexie 4

0615 Pieced Hexie 5


0615 Pieced Hexie 7

0615 Pieced Hexie 8

0615 Pieced Hexie 9

Aren’t they fun!



  1. They really do look like fun. Are they made from 4 patches?

  2. I love how she combines her fabrics. It's so fun and playful. Each rosette is so different but so much the same.
    Hope you had a blast in her class! Lucky, lucky you!!!

  3. These are stunning. Must have been great fun to do the workshop. What size are the 'flowers' and indiv hexis?

  4. wow the blocks look great..............


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