Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Progress on Scrappy Trips

I am now at 50 blocks finished and only 14 more to go.  Here are blocks 41-50.

1113 41-50 blocks

As I am sewing, I am working on my leader/ender project – bowties.  Here are 10 bowties and I now have 240 done, only about 600 more until I can start making a quilt!

1113 240 bowties

I work on them until I have 10 on the mini design wall and when I get 10 done, I pin them together.  When I get 5 sets of 10, I put them in a sandwich bag.  So far I have 4 sandwich bags plus 4 sets of 10 waiting for 10 more to go in a bag.

Today is my birthday – we are going out to breakfast then I am teaching a class.  Tonight we are going to Longhorn for birthday dinner.  Should be a good day, even if it is cold.



  1. Happy Birthday! I love seeing your progress on your scrappy trip! Your colors make my heart la la! lol I am bogged down with promised quilts, but will set the timer tonight and stash dive for ONE HOUR. I am going to indulge myself and do Bonnie's Celtic Solstice. I dont' think I will have to purchase a THING!

  2. Happy Birthday Melinda! Love the scrappy quilt!


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