Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Progress on Scrappy Trips and Bowties

I am almost done with the Scrappy Trips blocks.  Here are blocks 51-60.  Only 4 more to go.

1113 51-60 Blocks

As a by-product, here are 10 more bowtie blocks which makes 250 so far.

1113 250 Bowties

I went to the shop tonight for a couple of hours like every Friday night with the Quilt Til You Wilt group.  They had a surprise for my birthday.

1113 Birthday Cake



  1. What a nice surprise!!!
    I love how the bowties are coming along.

  2. Beautiful blocks! Happy birthday.

  3. Nice to have a cake for a surprise. I love store bought cake for my Birthday, but have to usually make my own B-day cake to get the kind I want. I have a Bow Tie quilt in the making too.

  4. Happy birthday! Love your Scrappy Trip and the bow ties.

  5. Happy Birthday. You made good progress!! My bow ties went aside. I am guessing Bonnie will have a pattern with them in her new quilt book and I'll be reviving them!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise. that is going to be a big scrappy trips. Can't wait to see it done.


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