Sunday, October 14, 2012

Working on the Raffle Quilt

I have been working on quilting the guild raffle quilt.  It is a beautiful quilt, using Kaffe fabrics and a Kim McLean pattern.  She graciously gave us permission to use Stars and Sprigs for our raffle quilt.

Here is a brief preview of the quilting.


There is still a lot of little pebbles to quilt before I start on the stars.



  1. The quilt is beautiful. So bright and colorful. You certainly do have lots of pebbles to complete. Bet you can't wait to get to stitching stars!

  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I hope you will be able to show the entire quilt. I love Kaffe fabrics. I would like to see what looks like a traditional type quilt is done using a very modern type fabric. Your quilting is exquisite!

  3. Love the quilting....

  4. Y'all always have a beautiful raffle quilt!! Hope y'all have a great show (as always).


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