Friday, October 19, 2012

Women of Courage

One of the block of the month’s at Tiny Stitches is Women of Courage.  We are getting ready for month 5.  I just took it over a couple of weeks ago and got the shop kit.  Unfortunately, the person who was cutting the kits had not had the time to do any of the blocks so I am playing catch up.  She had cut months one and two from the shop kit so I got them sewn together. They are actually the same block but different colors.  Each month there are two blocks to make, so I did two of each color way. 

I cut the kits for month 5 so I decided to get those made.

The two blocks on the left are month 5, the two on the top right are month 1 (I think) and the bottom two are month 3.

I have month 2 cut out and have started piecing them.  I hope to get caught up soon and would like to get the quilt put together in the next couple of months.


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