Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I mentioned that we went to Piecemakers on Monday.  Michele taught everyone how to make crumb blocks.  Michele loves little pieces of fabric!

Here is the whole group. We have more members but several were unable to attend this month. Janice came and brought her quilt that we made for her last month.  She looks great and is doing well.

I am in the back on the right – wearing lime green as usual.



  1. And a lovely FWmachine! So nice to sew with, specially for little blocks.

  2. crumbs are so addicting. I made a biggie a year or so ago and then said 'that's enough of that' but now I'm gathering more...just hate to throw away those little pieces.

  3. No crumbs left over to show us?

  4. What fun! Nice looking group there! :)


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