Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Selvage Fabric

Yes, I know I said I was going to try to slow down my fabric purchases but this one I absolutely couldn’t resist.  SELVAGE fabric!

I got it from Spoonflower and it comes in two size prints.  I love it!!!!  Not sure what I want to do with it as I know I will have trouble cutting into it.  I got a yard of each size.



  1. Totally love that she acted on something so many of us have dreamed of doing! For me, I love the selvage hunt too much!!!

  2. You know, you are just the kind of a little bit sick that I love, right?

  3. That is just TOO cute! Will be interesting to see how you use it.... if you can bring yourself to use it, that is =^..^=

  4. Oh my -- I just love the Spoonflower website! And that fabric is just *darling*! Life's too short to not buy the fabric you want to buy, right?! :)

  5. I sure love that fabric! Wouldn't it be great done in pinwheels with coordinating solids? Yummmm!


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