Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Super Bolt Sale

Here is the store before opening on Super Bolt Sunday!  Lots and lots of happy shoppers.  Next is what most of them were waiting for – fabric by the bolt and a very good price.

This is only part of what was for sale.  The main store also had 25% off everything in the store so you can only imagine the crowds.  Thankfully everyone was glad to be there and very patient.  It was fun for both the staff and the customers.  Only a year to go until the next Super Bolt sale!



  1. Wow! Looks like Heaven for a day!!!

  2. I agree with Teresa, that would be heaven!!!

  3. Melinda, what a fabulous idea! And what a whole lot of fun it must have been. I *love* the photo of the ladies (and maybe a guy or two?) lined up waiting to come in! :)

  4. How far are you fron NM? This might be worth a trip next year. That's definitely a line worth waiting in! LOL! What a fun idea! How did it work? Did you bring home lots of treaures?


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