Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Georgia–Beginning Machine Piecing Last Morning Class

I got back to Georgia last night – uneventful flight but the full body pat-down at the airport did give a bit of excitement to the day.

Today is the last of the 7-week Beginning Machine Piecing class.  The morning class did a wonderful job and I got some great photos of the students and their quilt tops.

Aren’t they great – both the quilt tops and the students.  I loved teaching this class.

Update:  Danielle is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.



  1. Don't you find it interesting how the quilts mirror the students outfits and personalities. If you had shown pictures of the gals and the quilts in columns, I bet we could have drawn a line as to who sewed what. cw

  2. All the quilts are very interesting, and their colour choices all so different and all so great, well done ladies!

  3. I, also, think the color choices are fantastic. I think all of these ladies will do well as quilters very quickly since they all seem to have a great sense of color.


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