Friday, July 01, 2011

Scraps, Scraps and Still More Scraps

I tried to post a photo of a large flat rate USPS box but somehow the photo on the USPS website is protected.  The cost to mail it anywhere in the US will be $14.95.  I have been cleaning up my sewing room and have enough scraps (small pieces to over a fat quarter) to fill several boxes.  I wonder if anyone is wanting scraps for the cost of postage?

I will be able to fill at least five boxes – probably more but let’s start with five.  If you are interested, you can pay me by mailing a check or using paypal.  Just send me an email or comment on this post and I will put together a box for you.  My fabric is almost all quilt shop quality (although I did buy from JoAnns back when I didn’t know any better.)  I do not prewash my fabric although a small amount could be washed while preparing for a swap or something like that.  If you tell me what type of fabric you like, I will try to fill  your box with at least some of that type but no promises.

I hope some of this wonderful fabric can find a new home with some of you great people out there. 



  1. Count me in! E-mail me, and when I get home from work (ha-ha) we'll exchange mailing info so we can then exchange money and fabric.

    Yippee!! I'll be getting fabric in my stash (my almost non-existent stash). I keep entering giveaways (I'm winning some too!), so the stash is a-growing!!


  2. Hi Melinda
    I would love to have some of your scraps
    I Love your kiwi quilt :)
    do you have any of those sraps ??
    Will definitly buy a box from you .

  3. I got my scraps, and was sooo excited to see all the beautiful colors. And some were already cut into shapes, which is going to be so exciting for me to try and find a quilt pattern so I can use them. Since my fabric stash is virtually non-existent, this has been awesome for me! Thank you for your generosity.


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