Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday at the Quilt Shop

I guess I am getting settled back into real life.  Saturday was my first regular day back at the quilt shop after my vacation.  You can’t really count Christmas in July as a regular day – special but not regular.  The shop is still decorated for Christmas and looks wonderful.  Here is just one photo today.  This is directly across from the register and is one of my favorite displays – Kona Cotton in many colors.  It is surprising how popular the solids are – especially with the modern quilters.

We used to have just a few bolts of solids, mostly white, cream and black.  What a change with the wonderful selection now available.  I am really enjoying working with solids.

On a sad note, we went to a memorial service for a special customer yesterday.  Joyce was a delight to be around and attended our Quilt Till  You Wilt sessions on most Fridays.  She will be missed.  Here is a link to the Marietta Daily Journal article about her.  Her family had a lovely display of her quilts and knitting projects on display at the service, along with wonderful photos of her.  It was a beautiful way to celebrate her life.

Life is short – be sure to let your friends and family know how much  you love them – every chance you get.



  1. That is a beautiful view of solids. Remember no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    1. Yes, our modern hearts love those solids.

    2. I am sorry for the loss of Joyce.


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